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Harmonica, LLC, offers three main types of services:

Content Management
Harmonica will analyze your current content workflow, examining how your employees work with each other and with their systems. Do you need a new editing system? Harmonica can recommend alternatives, install and configure any of several open-source alternatives, or even write a new system. But the solution may be simpler than that: Adjusting old work patterns, identifying or creating small tools to fill gaps or ease manual labor, using off-the-shelf commercial programs in new ways. Harmonica will find the simplest and most sensible solution to your needs, one in which the software works with you, rather than you having to adapt yourself to the software.

Product Development
The path from a great idea to a working product is longer and more complicated than most people imagine. Navigating it successfully requires both careful attention to detail and a broad feel for the product and its intended audience. Harmonica will provide both, serving as a sounding board, asking questions, and using years of experience to write specifications and work with vendors to ensure the product, when completed, fulfills its original vision.

If you don't want the bother and expense of hosting your own site or dealing directly with a hosting provider, Harmonica can host your site for you. We offer basic shared hosting for any system we build or migrate, for a price that's competitive with most hosting providers. But we support your site directly so you don't have to work through a maze of support tickets and email responses from people who aren't paying attention to you. For larger clients, we offer hosting using Amazon Web Services. We've been using Amazon's infrastructure since 2008 to host sites, experiment with alternative system setups and platforms, and perform rapid prototyping, and have found it to be reliable and well-designed. By hosting through us, you get Amazon's reliability and scalability without the complexity of managing AWS. More information is available in our hosting FAQ.