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Hosting FAQ

  1. Do we have to host with you?

    Absolutely not - however if you are hosting elsewhere, you will need to contact your host with any performance or downtime issues.
    We will also require access to the server to configure and install your site.

  2. What is included in hosting?

    Our hosting packages include:

    • unlimited web-based or POP3/IMAP e-mail addresses
    • unlimited domains and subdomains - however you are responsible for purchasing and maintaining your domains.
    • All of our hosting packages include a minimum of 2 support hours per month.
    • On our standard hosting, your site will be on a shared server, hosted on in a data center.
      If you require an alternative configuration, we will provide you with a quote for set-up and annual costs.
    • Nightly backup of all files.

    Our production servers are hosted via Amazon Web Services.

  3. What do you do to minimize downtime?

    A nightly backup is in included in our standard hosting plans, and as part of our service hours we can restore your system from that backup within four hours of our being notified of an outage, during the business day.
    Other options are available at additional cost:

    • Hourly backups
    • “Cold” (offline) server which can be brought online in case of failure
    • Redundant “hot” server with automatic failover

    Please contact us to discuss other options or for a quote.

  4. What should we do if we have a problem with the site?

    If you are having problems with your site, please submit a ticket to our help desk (you must be logged in to access this) - this will notify our team via e-mail and sms, and the ticket will then be assigned to whoever can best address the issue.

  5. What is your response time for issues?

    Our response time depends on the severity of the issue, but all support requests will be responded to within one business day. Severity is determined by both the level ticket submitted and our review of the issue, and may be upgraded or downgraded accordingly. Our three tiers of severity are:
    Urgent: The site or significant functionality is down. No procedural workaround exists.
    Medium: Site performance or functionality is limited, either due to an issue or an temporary fix that has been put into place for a critical issue.
    Low: There is something wrong on the site, but it is not affecting performance.

    Urgent issues will have priority until they are able to be downgraded or resolved.