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The Games People Play

Some projects are more fun than others. Our latest is one of those -- the web site for author Leigh Anderson's new collection of "low-tech games for highly social people," The Games Bible. It's a collection of games to play with your friends, ranging from simple games you can play with pen and paper while waiting for a movie to start, to card games, to intensely complicated strategy games.

The site is a basic WordPress install with a few plugins and tools so Leigh can update once, and have her information go to all the appropriate places. We did it quickly and cheaply (as is our wont), with the main focus being good presentation of Leigh's book with as little effort as possible on her part.

Check out the site, and check out the book as well -- it's endless fun and we greatly enjoyed not only doing the site but participating in some of the game testing. And keep an eye on the site, since Leigh is hosting lots of fun gaming events around New York City and elsewhere.